A little tenderness

April 20, 2017

Maison du Soir romper - $195

Tutti Rouge garter belt - $55

Fleur't bra - $58

As spring arrives, I’ve been thinking about tenderness. (And it feels especially appropriate this week since the new blossoms are out on the branches.)

I recently shared with some friends that I feel like the world tries to beat tenderness out of us with its speed and brightness and anxiety. There were nods around the table. Spring, on the other hand, is a great refresher. We can let go of some of the bundled-up, practicality of winter. Spring gives us permission to be more tender, more forgiving, more amazed.

For Amour, that means a place where you can escape the routine and be gentle with yourself. It also means beautiful basics, soft bridal pieces, and colors like petal, milk, lilac and cerulean. We hope you'll come visit this spring.