6 Years!

September 26, 2019

And suddenly you turn around and it's been six years! Six years of beautiful lingerie. Six years of neighborhood friends and community involvement. Six years of meeting some of the nicest people in Des Moines. Thank you so much for supporting this local business!

I could tell you so many heartfelt stories of people helping people like the woman who tried on someone else's special order and wanted to buy it. It was for a high school girl who had to save up money for her bra. So the other woman bought the high school girl's bra and ordered one for herself. They even exchanged sweet notes to each other!

I could tell you about the woman who came in frustrated: "I am a 40-as-big-as-they-come" and left utterly transformed in a 36G that fit her perfectly.

I could tell you about so many women buying their first set of lingerie and saying, "I didn't know it could be like this."

We get to see people fall in love with themselves. We get to see people take ownership of their bodies. It can be transformative, even magical.

Join us this Friday and Saturday as we celebrate. We'll have lingerie-inspired cookies from Brookies Cookies, a giveaway for a boudoir sitting with the lovely Modern Boudoir, and a collection of beautiful new lingerie in the prettiest fall colors as well as new basics by Natori and Rosa Faia.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!